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Gorgeous Haircuts to Try for More Style and Time

The reasons why people get haircuts vary, such as getting over a breakup, trying out something new, or the need to spend less time on the hair every day. Shorter hair is trendy currently, and it will help you get a new look, and you will access endless styling options. Low maintenance haircuts can help you get more value for your time since you can spend more time with family, friends, yourself, and even growing at work. You can also get to save your money on hair supplies and spend it on something more valuable. Below are some of the options that you have if you want a haircut that you will look beautiful and also give you more time and versatility.

The choppy bob is one of the haircuts that you can try. The haircut provides a face-framing length that does not come along with blunt edges, which would otherwise look like you are telling everyone that you just cut your hair. Your hair will end up texturized and layered so that it looks more dimensional. You can go for rapid dry towels for regular maintenance of the style.

You can also consider getting a longer-layered cut. This looks similar to the previous one, only that it will be a bit longer to reach your shoulder. Your hair will have more body and movement, and the change after cutting your hair will not be so severe. You should use rapid dry towels for everyday styling.

The blunt pixie cut is another option for you to try out. A blunt cut can be is angular and bold, and will be good for you if you have a round face and a beautiful face frame. Blunt edges are modern and will make you look younger and edgy. You can let the hair dry by itself when styling it or use rapid dry towels.

The lob is an excellent option for you as well. This is a long bob ideal for someone who wants to cut their hair a little bit but not completely. You can try this out, especially if you have curly hair since it will give you a lot of body and volume. Learn more about rapid dry towels and how you can use them for hair maintenance on this site.

A curtained bang is another haircut option for you. These provide a good length and are still low-maintenance. They are excellent face framers and provide you with the curtain that you can hide or tuck behind your ear. Rapid dry towels are available for you for easy maintenance of this style and others.