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Carrying the tradition in a new form – Dhow Cruise

As per the majority of the opinions, Dubai is the not only the best place to stay in the world but also the best city for planning out your vacations and trips. Dubai is everything that can make your stay perfect and better in all the possible way. Dubai takes pride for its creativity and intelligence for making the most beautiful, impressive and praise worthy infrastructures and buildings which really attracts a large number of crowd from all over the world. Doing shopping in Dubai is really a fun because the shopping malls are grand and amazing and to add more the stupendous Tax Free clause of Dubai really makes shopping of some really good and high quality products easy, affordable and reasonable for the consumers. The nature has also bestowed its best gift in the form of sea shore and ocean. Again Dubai to add more to its crown takes pride to introduce some of the stunning services to explore these best gifts by nature. One of such amazing service is the service of Dhow Cruise.

They are the type of Dinner Cruise which was designed for the purpose of taking the items and goods across the sea to the nearby cities of UAE and event the far away distance foreign cities from the historical point of view. But as the time changed and the technology developed, these ships lost their main purpose of transportation. But to stay connected with the history, Dubai Tourism Department converted these ships into one of the most amazing services for the tourists.

The ship has maintained its traditional look which is quite attractive and spectacular and gives an amazing feeling of being on some traditional water vessel. On the other hand, the accommodation and staying facilities are been modified to be a bit modernized along with the touch of technology. The living rooms are really marvelous and full of required facilities. Being Dinner Cruise it travels in the evening time and is loaded with full facilities of having the best dinner of your life in the thoroughly grand dining areas.